DNA & Forensics Science Center

About the Center

In 2011, the center has been established as one of Al-Nahrain university research unit in Baghdad city-IRAQ. Aftermath, it becomes a specialized center for the DNA and forensics applications in 2012; however, it would provide elements/supplements to the relevant governmental institutions of qualified staff, which working on the up to date technologies for the DNA. Moreover, the center would contribute and assist to find solutions for problems regarding the forensic science research issues with respect to criminal and civil aspects, adding to, the center focus on testing the prove/deny paternity, identifying missing persons, mass graves victims, and terror victims. Ultimately, the center consists of both researchers and academic staff holding high degrees in various fields. In which they'd trained the highest level in specialized institutions  both internationally and domestically to use the DNA advanced techniques.

Our Vision

To be accredited as a distinct DNA and forensic science center at the international level and comparable to the corresponding international scientific institutions.

Our Message

To meet the rising demands for forensic applications of DNA in IRAQ, which serve the implementation of justice and other humanitarian needs, adding to, resolve outstanding problems, by using a scientific research and keeping up of the scientific developments in the field of forensic science.